TouchDesigner Shorts

In 2019, i picked up Touchdesigner by Derivative, to learn & use them on my concept sketches & other projects. The following are the collection of some of the work i did with it.
The repository for these files can be found here.

TD as a tool allows a much needed flexibility to work with media objects and even for 3d motion effects. It integrates really well with various hardwares like kinect, arduino or raspberry pie also. And is also a handy tool to work on projection mapping projects. The few experiments done using them it involves music also – so i have embedded the instagram posts for a better feel for the same.

Other tools which are similar to TD are vvvv, max MSP, pure Data e.t.c. In recent times – this node based programming has picked up steam & being used to bring more media artists to the new platforms of AR VR also.

If you are interested in this type of media works – do ping me up. 🙂