Thread Paintings

There was this trend in the DIY art sections on social media. The artist will dip a thread in a color solution & put it between two sheets of paper & pull the string from a direction. Intrigued by this, i wanted to simulate something similar using code. You can check some of these here.

The processing sketch i made had the following logic to it :

1. Generate a set of particles in a random yet continuous pattern at a spot on the canvas.
2. Start moving them to a common point using lerp() function.
3. change the angle of motion with a tan graph gradation.
4. repeat steps 1-3 till points reach the common point.

The code for this sketch can be found here. ( I don’t know why i named it Moon 😛 )

The results of the work were like this.

After working on them – i figured what if the common point is in the centre of the canvas. May be this can be achieved if we pull the colour dipped string from a hole at the centre. May be this can allow creation of reflected tile patterns generated on the paper.

With experiments like these, the virtual format can influence creative thought being applied into the physical format of the artwork. More simulations of physical artworks should be tried out with code – to uncover new directions to enrich the respective art or craft.