Tantra Code-Art

While working on a e-commerce client in Jaipur, I came to know about these hand painted artworks of Pujaris of Rajasthan. These paintings were made using natural dyes on a papyrus, in a minimal style of representing a God or Goddess r deities of the Hindu sect. They were made just before laying down the foundation of a temple. It is considered to be connected with a tantric ritual for calling deities blessings over the act.

To know further about this practise of minimal paintings you can read about it here.

Taking inspiration from the work – i created the below artworks using the processing programming language. The code for the work can be found on my github repository – here.

The first one was a simple animated painting – presenting the shiva, the destroyer with the hue of pink – Sansar, swirling around it.

After that i wanted to create a generative procedural program, to make different variations of the tantra art while keeping the aesthetics of it the same. I used basic shapes like circle, ellipse, square and triangle as a representation of a deity. While a thin line on the top symbolised the gender & the aura was the beings act in the world. The aura was slightly displaced off the centre to give a touch of “a humans act”.

The randomness of the combinations of the three basic elements – brought forth interesting composition while keeping in line with the aesthetics of the original tantra artworks.

This work was an investigation into the spiritual nature of a form, which has an underlying religious connotations. Now re-interpreted through the means of a generative algorithm ; To reconstruct it as a materialistic art piece devoid of a sect’s goals, yet poignant enough that the consumer can experience the spiritual essence of the form.

In case anybody is interested in printing these artworks. Please go ahead. 🙂