Reaction Diffusion with TD

Reaction–diffusion systems are mathematical models which correspond to several physical phenomena observed in nature & in chemical reactions.
As an experience it is mesmerising to watch them unfold in time and intriguing to see the organic reactions to a stimuli.

For a geekier information on the subject – check the wikipedia page for the different mathematical formulae.

If you have a basic Adobe Photoshop skill – then you can try the concept behind creating this pattern using this tutorial by Skybase.

And if you have a basic coding skill & involved in the creative coding as a practice – this video at Coding Train will guide you much.

As i have been learning TouchDesigner as a tool to create my design concepts & codeArt, i took a reference from this tutorial by Manhsplains.

I have improvised on his technique using some black & white videos & illustrations to bring about my concepts. The touchdesigner file for them can be found at this git repository.

Following are the few published outputs of the experiments.

Concept A : We can use reaction diffusion as an interactive projection on a wall or a building. It will trace the human or any moving object in front of a camera to generate different playful patterns.

Concept B : Using different filters on the diffusion pattern we can transform them into some pop culture patterns like offset colors.

Concept C : We can merge the patterns with illustrations & make the motion react to the music timeline or even different frequency bands of the tracks. Brands can work with such effects to create attraction points for their consumers.

Further, if this effect is achieved using coding – then we can incorporate data into the blob formation & see how different types of data react with each other.

If you want to experiment with something like this – ping me up 🙂