Metro Sonata was an interactive sound installation by Ameet Singh, based on the Soundscape of the Delhi Metro. It was open for viewing and interaction on 10-specific days in the months of October, November and December of 2019 at Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi. More details on the art installation can be checked here.

The social media accounts for the project can be found on instagram & facebook.

It was a collaborative effort between the Artist, an electronic musician & the sound engineer ( Abhinay Khoparzi ) and myself. I was handling the hardware & software channels of the installation.

The Setup

The physical space of the installation was a pathway at the Max Mueller Bhavan. We used 2 Kinect sensor arrays to track the motion of the people walking past the installation. There were 6 speaker array which would transmit the ambience of the Delhi Metro sounds. We made specific marks to play with the space, where a person can come interact with the soundscape with agency. We used Max Msp as the interfacing software between the Kinect Hardware & the sound-engine program made in SuperCollider.

The space reacted to the people crossing the pathway & respond with variant of Delhi Metro Announcements. When a person stood on the interaction zones and made the metro poses the soundscape transforms into an orchestra of electronic music. In total creating an ensemble of temporal interventions in this space ; converting people into a live instrument in which, movement and density are create an aural soundscape.

During the November edition of the installation, we invited a contemporary dancer, Rachnika to perform in the space. The performance was like a jugalbandi collaboration between the act of the dancer & reactions of the algorithm. Following are few images from the performance.