Gaatha – A tale of crafts

Being part of this tale of crafts was one of the prominent in my journey to become a designer. I will always be grateful to be part of the design & development of their digital platforms – the blog, the shop & the information portal.


The ‘Gaatha’ project was conjured to play the key role of storytelling and therewith bringing social and commercial benefits to the artisan settlements. They desire to become the instrument through which the artisans can directly connect with the global audience, to be the resource which helps craft sell not as objects but stories and ideologies.

The links for the above works are as below :

Gaatha Blog

Shop Gaatha

Gaatha Org

The major responsibilities included developing & designing a custom themes for the different websites, development & design of custom backend systems for each of the portals &  taking care of the server programming on a basic level. We used MVC based CMS.

Moreover, here I learned how a design oriented startup operates while performing different roles under operations, marketing, sales & customer support. Worked on developing a communication labeling system to handle customer emails & order operations/troubleshooting. Streamlining the process of communication among different teams, increasing the efficiency of support team & order processing. Also dabbled into strategizing marketing campaigns for targeting specific customer bases across the globe and festive season for the company newsletters.

One of the major undertaking was the information portal of crafts of india. Which was developed from scratch using a customized MVC model befitting the structure of the craft content being used in the company. This project is still under in-cognito mode. Expect it to be launched soon.