Vision 2020

vision 2020

There was this introduction presentation at Domus Academy in 2016, and for the slide of vision for 2020 for myself – i made it.

I did not know what terminology to use for all of them together, so i just wrote what all i understood from the market :

Social Tech-entrepreneur in India
Starting a company with social objectives where technology is leveraged for indian scenario.
Future Life Visionary
Related to Speculative Design, Envisioning or Design Fictions
Multi-disciplinary or fusion designer
Fusion of various approaches from different disciplines into creating design solutions.
Behavioural Researcher for New Medias.
Related to how the new mediums of data transfers change the behaviours of the people.

I look at the present moment in 2019; first quarter is already gone. Was it just another motivational piece of self-delusional promise ??? or will i make it true ???

To be honest, I don’t know if i will make it or just deject the whole vision. But from whatever decisions i took in the last 2 years or even in the past – i feel my inner compass have been pointing me into the right directions.

I remember deciding something like this earlier also, in the year 2012 – after my first attempt at the UPSC examination ( which i gave after leaving Accenture ). I thought that i will first experience different work places & work styles till i turn 3o. Then settle for something in my 30s.

This month I turn 30yrs old.
I worked in an MNC, a startup, a small-medium agency studio, freelanced, taught at a university and started my own company. I suppose i checked off all the things in my list.

About the four objectives of 2020 – i have already started working on the first one since last year aka Kyirong Studios Pvt. Ltd.

For the second & the fourth one, i will be putting up my work on this blog.

Third one, is partial – i have to still figure it out – understand what i meant truly by saying a Fusion Designer ? I fancied this term i guess.

I guess this will be all for the start.

– A Polite Saint

A polite Saint