Faces and Code Art

While having a conversation with a friend regarding body-shaming & body-positivism. It struck to me how, a part of our body is deeply enmeshed with ones sense of identity. As we develop from an infant to a child – recognising the ones own body as a constituent of ones identity is a paramount cognitive jump in the neural structure of the brain and development of “Self”. The brain weaves an ego around this perceived reflection of the physical body. And consequentially when we become adults, any comment made in reference to a body part – acts as a strong stimuli.

Reflecting the above thought, i came up with an exploration involving generative coding , social norms & body identity. The repository for the work is kept here.

As a first step, i started with a minimal line drawing of a face. And generated random curves for the mouth, eyes & nose. Representing the different face structures & even expressions of people. It was a presentation of diversity we may have, by random variations of a small section of a body part.

Next, I used the concept of an aura or human energy field. According to New Age beliefs, a coloured emanation said to enclose a human body or any animal or object. Extending this concept to an under-developed human skin coloured aura – i made blobs behind the faces.

The blob & the colour was assigned randomly. The interpretation of the aura is left for the viewer. With different variations of the blob – it resembled a potpourri of social interactions. A multitude of auras playing with each other, at times covering anthers’ aura, at times repelling one.

After a conversation with a follower on instagram – i took up another body part on a similar fashion but not much in depth. The body part was the Human Ass. I wonder though, do butts also have auras ???

This project then taken further as an exploration of 24 concept sketches relating to Boobs & Identity.