Cutting out the Slot Machines

So yesterday, I deleted the Instagram from my phone. It was the only social network where i was active. Most of my work was showcased there.

Why did I do it?

Well, i figured out i was using it as an excuse to waste my time. Before this step, i already deleted all the scroll inducing apps ( twitter, Facebook, news apps ) from my phone. Put a time limit of 30 min a day on social network sites on my desktop. Plus deleted all the MMO-Games from all the devices. ( Except one on my iPad ).

The whole day i was observing how i was trying to fill the Instagram gap with other time wasting activities. I shifted to InstaTV for sometime — but then i realised most of its content i disliked — so deleted that app also. Then shifted to Youtube. A Good point of Youtube was that, i watch a set subscription channels & they don’t release videos on a second to second basis.

Mostly i swapped the time with reading. A lot of reading was done today.

That can be one reason i am writing this post here. I thought i would write thrice every week but again the resistance won this week. So as a last effort — i wanted to put something out today.

Thanks for reading. Arigato.

P.S — I have decided to not totally phase out Instagram, i will login to it on Sundays to put my work there & read DMs. This way the utility remains while the endorphin releasing slot machine is taken out of the equation.