Code Art Shorts

To keep practice the skill of coding while working on design projects – i kept in touch by using the processing language. A lot of sketches were made in the year 2017-2018, to indulge into new techniques and functions.

The repository for the whole work can be checked here.

I have added few of them here, along with a short description relating to the concept it was based upon.

1 : Generative Clouds upon the blue sky. I iterated a lot of translucent distorted shapes & juxtaposed them to give a fluffy feeling of the cloud.

2 : Simple AB based weave patterns. To create a tool which can simulate weaving with different coloured threads – i made this sketch. By changing the density of the threads, we could see how it will look from a distance – the textures it will present.

3 : A visual Spirograph of the famous speeches made in the parliament of india. It was a start to learn audio-visual creation through code.

4 : Perlin noise to 3d sculptures. After learning about perlin noise, i implemented it to create a pseudo – 3d objects. They came out as if coming from an alien culture or a fictitious space. It was made by a simple rotation to one of the x,y, z axis’s.

5 : Repeating pieces at the fringes. So at times i also used the snapseed image editing tool on day to day objects. I used the extend tool & allowed the algorithm to expand the image to how so ever it desired. There were a collection of such work made using it.

There are a lot more work done in the year 2017-18, using processing – which you can check out on my Instagram account. If anythings interests you, do ping me there 🙂