AR Experiments w/ Artivive

With the onset of accessible Augmented Reality development platforms, i have been exploring the scope of this technology for various business or entertainment purposes.

Commercially, use of AR for games, navigation, communication/chat, entertainment, info-tainment, information is widely being worked upon. Many companies with AR as their core product have started in the last 3-4years. And with further technological & financial boost in this field , we will continue to see adoption of this technology in our devices & in our social environment.

As an exercise in the area of speculative design or future design or fiction design – i explored few scenarios involving AR. I used the Artivive platform to convey the concept. The following concepts are mainly based on connecting real-world practices to a virtual layer of content.

Concept A : Connecting mythical or religious images to a virtual vision of that world. I have used the image of “Shukra Dev” , a diety in hindu pantheon as a marker. Over this image i have placed an animated media of an interpretation of the “Venus” planet. Since both the entities represent “Venus”.

Concept B : Adding a hidden layer of content over the entries of sketchbook entries. We can enrich the experience of our drawings or doodles as an artifact in itself. A virtual layer on top of it can preserve the meta description pertaining to that entry or drawing. This will allow creation of unique personal logbooks for creatives, to be conserved for many purposes.

Concept C : Simple stated as Sticky AR Notes. We are already using Post-it or sticky notes in our day to day office projects a lot. What if we can create such meta-content with symbols or texts on a note. We can rearrange them into different patterns & see the virtual scene reflect those arrangements. It can be implemented for the design ideation stage of a project.

Concept D : Passing media content along with a hand written letters to a reader. This concept came after watching 80s Bollywood films, where a face was shown inside a letter as if the actor is actually conversing instead of the reader reading it. So why not! make it possible now. This can create new levels of interactions for romanticised practices like writing love letters.

This list is a work in progress – further usecases will be added to it as I experiment with artivive platforms for Augmented Reality.