Angular Nature in Code

One of the basic algorithms of nature can be presented through a force acting along a pivot to push organic or non-organic matter into a circular/spiral form. From spirals of a seas-shell to flower buds. From sprawling firecrackers to swirls in a man-made mixer-grinder. From genetic matter like DNA to solar-system & galaxies.

Taking this phenomenon as an inspiration, i created few works along the lines of moving an element only from one side – by small angles with time.
I took up processing as the medium for making these forms. The logic can be summed in the following steps:

1) Draw a primary element - a line or a curve with start point as centre of the canvas & end point at a certain distance - fixed or random.
2) Move the end point by a small angle in clockwise/anti-clockwise direction, keeping centre as the pivot.
3) Repeat step 1.

Next step was to contextualise the forms & try different angles & curves with same logic. Following pieces are results of exercises done over a period of few months. The code can be found in my processing repository.

As an business application of such algorithms, i visualise them as set of code – which are fed into the print machines – to generate different visuals for each print. It can bring about connection with organic forms of nature & the brand associated with it. On the same lines recently – Nutella used algorithms to generate seven million different sets of Jars. My work can be fitted for designers or companies working on minimal print style or laser-cut based manufacturing process.