Bus Stop Stories #2

“I love you Singaatra !”. He said inebriated to the singer on the floor. ” You make me forget my woes.”

He turns to the “Dash Juice Bar”, looks to him and says,
“you know I work daily only because you fill me up every night. You know man, I used to love my life before the blue dots intervention.
Since the time they put up the contract they have been constantly nagging me with their notifications. Affecting my performance with other useless tasks. Now I even get hit by the owner because of the blue dot irritation. Its a blue menace my friend, it will take us all down one day I tell you.”

He was almost full, when the Juice Bar closed its’ port at the table. And before closing reminded him,

“Don’t forget your fatherland, my friend. Remember your duty towards the all encompassing G-God”.

The blue-red-yellow-green lighted emblem on the “Dash Juice Bar” Charger dimmed down.

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