LayZ Lamp

Design Brief : PLAYFUL TRACE

We leave an invisible trace of information while we are at home.
That are recorded and monitored constantly by our always on devices.
Which can be expressed through playful dialogues and interactions.

Taking the defined design objectives ahead led us to define our Design Concept.

( Object = Lamp ) + ( Character = Lazy ) + ( Adaptation = Machine Learning )

Translating the above into a viable solution led us to create our object, we named it

Layz Lamp has its own character and its behaviour is independent of the human interaction. It likes to listen to music but does not like disturbance or work. It is social and also has a religion. Though it daydreams and sleeps most of the time it prefers human companion.

We imagine it to look like this –


Based on this we started making a prototype for the same. After a few attempts at understanding the mechanism, we came up with the final prototype. Check out the life of our Layz Lamp also 0.5 in the video below.


Are you more interested to know about the lamp ??? Scroll down to see the feature and control flow diagrams.

 We also planned a storyboard for the launch of the product 🙂

The whole project would not have been possible without the help of my team mates. The project was done in collaboration with Domus Academy and Open Dot Fablab in Milan.

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