Lately I have been working on lots of sketches and putting them on instagram and facebook.

The first one i hope you all have seen on the About page of the blog. Below one is with a music track which i posted on instagram.


#Processing #sketches Waves in an open sea Or in a crystal ball All seem to pass by

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After this i made the second one based on the concept of the book Antifragile which you guys can see in the last post – Roll of the Dice. That one is interactive and playfull. These two were just infancy steps for the processing sketches.

Then came the ‘ Perlin Noise’ tutorials — it is a really cool mathematical concept to create noise based on time or a point on a scale which is occurs at a different interval of time. Took me two days to fully grasp the concept and understand how to do it in 2-D and 3-D. The best resource which i found to understand them are — and

You can find the best tutorials from the list at – p5art. And Daniel Shiffman’s you tube channel – The Coding Train. He reacts hilariously to the errors and teaches in a enthusiastic way, keeping in mind the beginner level learner.

Here are few more of the sketches i put on Instagram and also on facebook. I will be posting more of them each week, so if you like them may be you can follow me there ;).


#Processing #sketches #cloud #thunder #creativecoding #noise Making Cloud using 2d perlin noise was a pain. 😛

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#Processing #sketches #experiments #learning #creativecoding

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These 9by9 grids are showing the different variations of graphics created using the random and noise functions in the processing sketch. I tried to make them as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

#Processing #sketches #clouds #generative #clouds #perlin #noise Clouds are fluffy today.

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#Processing #sketches #whatever #abstract

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Most probably by next week , i will start pulling up sketches which works with arduino chipset.

– Gracias, a politesaint.

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